Fotchbook Help

You will notice that every page has the same header and footer. The header contains important links for you to navigate the site. They are all pretty much self-explanatory. The footer shows the currently active fotchers (with a limit of course - they all wouldn't fit!) as well as some links to the privacy policy, contact page and the about us page. We encourage you to read and explore!
Log In/Log Out
To log in, you may either fill out the form in the upper welcome box (upper right corner) or click "Login." Both forms have the same function. Click "Remember Me" if you want Fotchbook to store your user credentials in a cookie on your computer indefinitely (until you log out). This will allow you to close the browser and revisit the site at some later point without having to log in. This is NOT recommended on public computers as other people may gain unauthorized access to your account if you forget to log out. If you have forgotten your password just click the "Forgot Password" link, enter your email and check that email address for an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Logging out is very simple, just click the "Log Out" link in the header. This will remove the cookies which contain your user information from your computer. Upon reloading or revisiting the site you will need to log in again.
Home Page
On the Left hand side you can see the current website news. You may want to check back here often to find out about site updates. To the right of the news, you will see the newest uploaded fotches. You can click the fotches to visit that fotchers' page. What a great way to meet new fotchers! On the right most pillar you will see an advertisement (it helps keep fotchbook free for all to use) and on top of the advertisement you will see your announcements. Announcements are created when one of your friends performs a certain action such as changing their status or uploading a new fotch or picture.

Underneath these two columns, you can see the top rated fotches. If you get enough votes, yours may make it there too! Below that you will see the random fotchers section where you will be able to meet someone new!

Fotcher Page
Your Fotcher Page is your own personal page where you'll be able to show your fotch to the world! As this is where you'll be spending most of your time - We'll try to do a good job explaining:
The first section contains your information - Name, Gender, Email, etc (this can all be hidden see here for more)
To the right of this you will see some icons. This icon is a link to send this fotcher (whoever owns the page) fotchmail. (To read more about fotchmail click here)
If you see this icon - it means you can add this fotcher as your friend. If you see this icon - this fotcher is already your friend.
If you are currently logged in, you will be able to see your status. Your status is like an away message so other fotchers know what you're up to. To change your status simply click it:

Edit the text:

And press save:

Now your status is updated!

If you have already added some friends, you will see three random friends (as well as their random fotches) underneath your status. There is also a link to view all friends and if you are logged in (on your own page) you will find a link to manage your friends. (We will go more into managing in the control panel section here)

In the top right column, you will find your items if you have purchased any. Items are purchased with points which you gain just by being an active fotcher. Uploading pics and fotches, posting comments and just visiting your page will earn you points. Additionally there is a Guess The Fotch game where you can also win points (more on that here). At Fotchbook, you do not have to pay any money to get these points - just be an active member!

To purchase new items, press on "Click Here to Purchase More Items". On the next page you will be able to select the category and then select the item you wish to purchase. Don't forget the "click here to see more items" link where you'll be able to see more items in that category.

To select the item you want, just click on it. You will then be presented with the item description and its price. To purchase the item just click "Purchase this item!" The price will be subtracted from your total points and the item will now be available on your fotcher page.

Items on your fotcher page can be used for more than just display. By clicking an item you already own (on your own fotcher page) you will be presented with some options:

  • 1. You can give away your item to another fotcher whose fotcher name you know (if he/she is one of your friends, you may use the drop down box to select them or you may just type a name). Giving this item to a fotcher will remove the item from your page and place it on the other person's page. It will also send them fotchmail alerting them that they received the item from you.
  • 2. You may also choose to be a bit spontaneous and click "Give this Item away". Doing this will give your item to a completely random fotcher as well as sending them a fotchmail alerting them that they just received an item from you. This is a great way to meet new fotchers as they are sure to come visit your page after they get an item from you.
  • 3. You can also click "Get rid of this item" which will just delete the item from your page. Unfortunately doing this will not get you a "refund" of the points you spent on the item.
Under personal information, you will see the blog section. The blog is where you can write about your daily life and share it with others. To post another entry just click "Post another Entry" and fill out the form. There is also a link to view all blog posts.
In this section you will be able to see any pictures the owner of the page has uploaded. You will see three random pictures as well as a link to view all of the pictures. If the page is your own you will also see a link to upload another picture (which has the same function as the upload pic link in the header).
To the right you will see a box which may contain different information at different times. If the page is your own and you are logged in you will be able to see the weather in your area (if you are living in the US). Otherwise, you will see random fotcher info - unless of course the owner of the page didn't fill that out yet [see more in the control panel section here]. If the random information is empty, you will see some interesting random facts about the fotch.

The next section down contains the actual fotches. Each fotch has a corresponding emotion and rating. To view a larger image of the fotch, just click the image and it should pop out and enlarge. To move between fotches you can either click next in the upper right corner or use the arrow keys (-> is next <- is previous). Press close to remove this.

To rate a fotch, just roll your mouse over the stars until you select your vote and click once.

Upon clicking you should see a message that says "Thanks for rating this Fotch" and the rating will show your vote. If you see a fotch recognition icon you may find the closest matching fotch. More about that here.

The comment section is for fotchers to write back and forth to each other. When you click inside the textarea box, the Fotchbook character, Jim should disappear allowing you to see everything you are typing. The beauty of Fotchbook is that we don't have any silly yellow emoticons - you can insert your own fotch into your message! Just start typing your message and whenever you want to insert your fotch - select it from the dropdown box titled "Select a Fotch to insert into your message." Then just click "submit comment" to add your comment. Comments are right underneath the comment box and are sorted chronologically starting with the newest one on the top. To get a larger visual of the fotch a fotcher inserted into his/her message, just click it and you will be able to see a larger version pop out. If there is more than one fotch in a message you can scroll between them using the arrow keys.
The search will allow you not only to find fotchers and their fotches, but to compare different fotches. Fill out as much or as little as your search query calls for and press search. The results will be the different hits that match your query. For example if you wanted to compare all happy fotches - all over the world (not limited to a country): Just select happy from the emotion drop down box and press search. The results will allow you to compare the similarities and differences in the fotches you find.
Upload Fotch

The upload new fotch form allows you add another fotch to your fotcher page. Adding a fotch is fairly easy - just select the corresponding emotion from the drop down list and browse your computer for the corresponding file. If you cannot find an emotion on the drop down list you may select "other" and type in your own emotion. This emotion will then get added to the list for others to see and use next time.

You may also opt to have your fotch automatically detected and recognized using our fotch detection technology. [Read more about that here]

After upload you will be able to edit the fotch including changing the emotion, cropping it, rotating it and deleting it. (See more in the control panel section here)

Upload Picture

The upload new picture form allows you add another picture to your fotcher page. Adding a picture is easy - just select photo from your computer and write a short description. You may choose to enable commenting on the photo - which will allow other fotchers to write comments about the picture and you may also opt to have our fotch recognition and detection algorithm sequence your photo. [Read more about that here]

After upload you will be able to edit the photo including adding tags, editing the description, cropping it, rotating it and deleting it. (See more in the control panel section here)

Tagging Picture

To tag a picture, you must be logged in and own the picture (you must be the one who uploaded it to your account). To begin tagging, you can either browse to the image by finding it from your fotcher page (Fotcher Page -> view all Pictures -> Find image -> Add/Edit Tags) or you can select it from the edit picture menu (Control Panel -> Edit Pics -> [find the picture] -> Add/Edit Tags).

To add a tag click "Add a Tag to This Picture!" or "Add Another Tag To This Picture." Then similar to cropping, you have to click an area on the image and drag (press left mouse button and drag while holding the button down). Once the box is formed, you can move it as a whole by clicking and dragging it. The small squares on the marquee may also be dragged to increase the size. The bottom right corner will show a preview of the area you chose to tag.

Once you have selected the area you want, you can tag it with either text by typing it into the "tag description" box or you can tag one of your friends by selecting their fotcher name from the drop down box.

When you have finished tagging press "Post Image Tag!" You will be taken back to your image and you will see the result of your tagging. If you wish to add another picture, just click "Add Another Tag To This Picture."

To edit an already existing tag just select it from the drop down box and click edit. You will see a page very similar to the one where you added the tag, but the area selected is already highlighted and the tag description is already filled out. You can edit the tag description, move/resize the tagged area or delete the tag by filling out the form. When you are finished making changes, just click "Edit Image Tag!"

Fotch Detection
When you upload an image (either a Fotch or a Photo) you may select to have any fotches in the image detected. To have the image detected just select the

Active Fotchers