Ilya Shnaydman - Founder, Developer, Programmer and Chief Architect

Ilya Shnaydman

Ilya Shnaydman is a full time pre-med student at Drexel University who stays up until the wee hours of the night coding up Fotchbook. His hobbies include building things, weight lifting, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.
Ilya created Fotchbook as a way for people to express themselves and have some fun contributing to a social experiment.

"If you think about it, who are you really? With all the medical innovations nowadays we can replace almost your whole body. Plastic surgery can change everything from head to toe. Is it just the brain which defines you? The brain directly stimulates your fotchial muscles to bend just the right way and portray an emotion. The wide range of human emotion is visible on a day to day basis just by a quick gander at someones fotch. You can instantly tell whether this person is having a bad day, had a hard life, or is really excited to be going home after work. This is what Fotchbook is about: showing yourself in all of these emotions and being able to see how emotions differ in various countries and their corresponding cultures."

Prior to developing Fotchbook, Ilya was always thinking of crazy ideas, which usually worked. He recently has taken a liking to the audio world and has constructed many sets of interesting (read obnoxiously loud) speakers. His previous sites include a clan for the popular game Medal Of Honor and a frequently asked questions and answers site,

Last Updated: 2009-03-15

Bobosama - Chief CSS Front End Developer and Quality Assurance Commissar


BoboSama's hobby in web development and server administration began in 1999, with a basic introductory course to HTML 3. From there, he followed his passions for anime and gaming into new realms of f
ront-end and back-end development, from HTML and CSS to MySQL and PHP. He is currently employed by a major provider of web solutions for the hospitality industry in the New York metropolitan area. Bob
oSama?s many projects include:
Anime Sites
IHOA International House of Anime serving Tenchi Muyo episodes, in a joint venture with Matt Barone
Anime-Crib ? serving a variety of Anime, from Bleach to Naruto, in a joint venture with Matt Barone
Abandonware Sites
Apple IIe Abandonware a collection of over 3000+ Apple IIe Roms
WizardWare Versions 1/2/2.1 serving abandoned PC games from the early 90s, with high quality screenshots, reviews and ratings
EmuGateway Versions 1/2 serving Neo Geo games from the 90s, including reviews, screenshots, and emulators
EmuGateway Version X serving a mix of various PC Games and emulation Roms with reviews, screenshots, emulators and other misc. applications
Other Gaming Sites
420th (Not What You Think) a website for a Medal of Honor: Allied Assault clan, in a joint venture with Ilya
Exalted Gamer/Divine Gamer serving demos, patches, and trailers for the latest PC Games
DDS Clan a website for a Halo PC clan, with extensive back-end capabilities
EmuWare a ring for websites dedicated to abandonware and emulation
EchoRing Versions 4.0B/5 a ring for websites dedicated to abandonware
Other Sites
The HD Geek providing detailed information pertaining to high definition television and related technologies
QuickSudoku a turn-key site with a JavaScript based Sudoku game
BrowseFreely a turn-key proxy site
Business Ventures
Creative-Eye providing Apache hosting with PHP and MySQL for Abandonware sites, in a joint venture with Diskboy
RED PC Systems providing Apache hosting with PHP and MySQL
RED PC Servers providing affordable rackmount servers for web hosts
The Web Spot providing web design, back-end development and web hosting for local businesses
and many others.

Last Updated: 2009-03-15

Mike Morana - Designer

Mike Morana

Mike Morana is college student persuing a degree in Engineering Science at Vanderbilt University. Although his experience in the field of web development is limited, he has had extensive experience in graphic design. It began for Michael when he decided to embrace photography as a hobby at an early age.

Michael got his first camera during Christmas of 2000. One year later he was introduced to Adobe Photoshop and became completely obsessed. Since then he has used Photoshop as if it were an extension of his life. His zeal with photoshop allowed him to explore with many other computer aided graphics software which he has embraced as a hobby and a skill. Web design is one of many many things Michael has explored in graphic design.

There's actually a lot more to this guy, but for all intents and purposes, that's all you'll need to know for now.

Find his profile or shoot him an email and he'll tell you anything else you'd like to know.

Last Updated: 2009-03-15

Special Thanks

In no specific order: My father - Igor Shnaydman for helping me out whenever I was lost, John Mendelewski for helping with random tidbits here and there, and to everyone else who motivated and supported me.In addition I'd like to thank Intel for their work on the OpenCV project which was the basis of my coding for Fotch Recognition™ and Fotch Detection™. For Cropping and Tagging, Sergey over at provided his marquee tool for the selection process.

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