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Fotchbook has been live for about 4 months now!

The amount of users continue to grow each and every day. We would like to thank you for your support!

You may have noticed that fotchbook is loading a lot faster now (especially those of you on slower connections).

I have written some code to produce thumbnails of fotches and pictures - so now your browser is loading a lot less data. This allows the pages to load much more quickly as well as lowering the bandwidth requirements on our server.

Although I am happy with the turnout so far, I'd like fotchbook to continue to grow, so tell everyone you know - - Show Your Fotch!
Posted by: ilyash On 2009-06-10 12:32:56.0

Well Fotchbook has really grown from when it all first started. First it was just an idea - friends would jokingly laugh about going to and checking out some fotches.

In the beginning I wasn't even sure where the site was headed - how was I going to make it different from all the other social networking sites? What made Fotchbook unique? And better yet, how was I going to do it all by myself when all these social networking sites have teams of developers?

Well it turns out it was possible. With some help from my friends - namely: Bobo for all his help with CSS, Rizz for his endless testing, icon design and suggestions, Mike Morana for the graphic design and John Mendelewski for some help debugging. The code for the whole site was written from scratch by myself - it could have been done faster if I didn't have other obligations at the time (College!).

Well I hope everyone enjoys the site, that my work is appreciated and that I will be able to see fotchbook grow into something big!
Posted by: ilyash On 2009-02-11 10:51:51.0

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