Username: speedydrex26
Real Name: Theo. Speedy
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Zip: 19464
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Random Fotch Fact

During development in the embryo, the Cranial Neural Crest Cells are responsible for development of the fotch. They migrate dorsolaterally and create the craniofacial mesenchyme. This includes the bones and connective tissues of the fotch, cranial nerves and the thymus, teeth, middle ear bones and jaw.

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Send FotchMail | Block 04/22/2009 08:24:19 PM
  • Theo, Why is your fotch all black? You're the only one whose pics turn out that way lol!

    Try using the resize powertoy I linked to below

Send FotchMail | Block 02/24/2009 05:07:05 PM
  • Theoooo! Welcome to Fotchbook! I expect to see some pictures and fotches up shortly!

    here is a good link to microsoft resize powertoy:

    When you install it, you can right click and image file on your computer and then select "resize this picture". It's also great for emailing pictures to friends as you can turn your 3mb image into a 100kb picture.

    You can also select multiple files at once and resize them all.

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