After you get it out this is pretty much it for the main body. If you want to take the motor out, you need to bake it in the oven at ~200 degrees and remove the motor when the casing expands. I have not done this as I just masked off the area.
Proceed reading below to see how to take apart other miscellaneous pieces from the body and how to take apart the doser.

Lets get the body bare!

Pull off the switch (my mazzer was an automatic machine, timed looks slightly different). Then remove the two screws to get the backing off:

As you can see it needs a lot of cleaning!

Next remove the portafilter holder - just two phillips screws (also note the peeling paint!):

DOSER Removal

To get that doser off you may need to use a screwdriver or allen key depending on how yours is attached. Mine was attached with allen key screws so the first step is to take the top two off:

And then the Screws at the bottom of the doser (may be hard to get screwdriver in there):

And here is the doser with the electrical wires running to it:

I am not going to get into the electrical disassembly of the mazzer (may do so at a later time).

-->Continue HERE to full doser disassembly