The following instructions will show you how to refurbish a mazzer major (including detailed instructions for taking it apart). The Instructions will be very similar for the mazzer Super Jolly or Mazzer Mini. We are not responsible for any damage caused by users trying to follow this guide. Please use at your own risk.

Tools required:
  • Socket Wrench with 13mm socket head
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • phillips screwdriver
  • Allen Key set
  • 1 Coffee Addict
  • How The Grinder Arrived

    Typically when you purchase a used grinder on Ebay or such you are probably getting it from a commercial user such as a coffee shop. In my case, my grinder came from a coffee shop in connecticut.
    Since it is probably well used, the condition of the paint (and the rest of the grinder) could use some freshening up. Here is how it looked when I got the monster (Mazzer Major 650watt 83mm burrs):

    So Let's start taking her apart!

    First take off the hopper:

    Next unscrew the collar. The thread is reverse. You want to turn it toward "Coarse" - just keep going until it comes off:
    It is going to look like this after the collar comes off:

    You can take off the upper burr carrier just by lifting it up. There is nothing "screwing it down":

    To take off the top burrs just remove the three screws holding it down:

    If you are replacing your burrs (highly recommended with a used grinder) you can thoroughly clean the upper carrier and screw on the new upper burr.
    Next remove the lower burrs. To do so (just like the upper burrs) just unscrew the three screws holding it down:

    This is what will be left when you remove the lower burrs:

    You can remove the four springs (that were previously holding the upper burr carrier):

    Next we are going to remove the top rotor assembly. First unscrew the 13mm bolt using a wrench and a screwdriver to stop it from turning:

    Next is the tricky part. Although there is nothing else holding that top piece in, it is pretty much stuck there. Use some long screws and stick them into each of the three holes. Then take turns turning each until it lifts up:

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